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COVID-19, Second case in Sumter County

March 20, 2020


March 19, 2020

Ms. Megan McCarthy
Office: 352-569-3134 / Cell: 352-446-6382

Bushnell, Fla. - This advisory is to inform you of a second positive case of COVID-19 identified in Sumter County.  As I mentioned in my last advisory to you, there is very limited testing capacity in Sumter County.  However, that capacity still produces 15-20 specimens per day for analysis.  It is expected as additional testing capacity is mobilized, that additional case of infection will be identified.  The aim of our advisories is to continuously help you to reduce the risks of becoming ill.

Privacy issues do not allow us to describe all the circumstances, concerning any case we identify.  May I further advise you, however, to please not participate in community activities if you are ill.  That includes outdoor and indoor activities, recreational and non-recreational.  Please stay at home to the greatest extent possible under those circumstances.  Additionally, as certain other localities around the country have much higher rates of disease acquisition and transmission, I recommend postponing visitation to, as well as receiving visitors from, "hot spots" as a wise public health measure locally.

Authoritative sources such as the Center For Disease Control COVID-19 web link or the web link offered from the State of Florida Department of Health provide the most up to date information, from a national and state perspective:

We will continue to issue updates as the circumstances warrant, such as when information gleaned from the investigation of new cases, might help prevent additional ones.

Thank you for your kind attention and diligence.

Sanford D. Zelnick, D.O., M.S.
Sumter County Health Department


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