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Rising COVID-19 Cases

December 17, 2020

Megan McCarthy

Bushnell, FLA — The purpose of this advisory is to update you on our current situation concerning the COVID-19 pandemic and to provide a gentle reminder, on what actions you can take to protect yourselves and others from becoming infected with the virus. 

With the onset of the cooler weather, it was predicted that we would receive additional cases in Sumter County, and this has unfortunately occurred.  Last week, we received 284 new cases, which is an increase from prior weeks.  While the hospital has capacity to deal with increasing cases, they too have experienced a rise in their case volume. 

Our experience in caring for those affected has improved greatly over the past 6-9 months. However, elders--particularly those with chronic or serious medical conditions such as heart or lung disease, diabetes, obesity, or depressed immunity--may experience more severe complications.  As a community, we all have a responsibility to others to take whatever actions we can reasonably take, to protect the most vulnerable among us. 

Accordingly, I am asking you to please redouble your efforts to protect yourselves and others during this critical period until vaccines become widely available. This includes wearing a mask, particularly when participating in activities indoors, maintaining social distance from others when possible and frequently washing your hands.  Additionally, social activities during this holiday season such as pot-luck events and public gatherings involving singing in close proximity to one another are associated with an increased risk of becoming infected. 

Together we can flatten the curve of rising cases in this community.  If you have any questions regarding this advisory, our public information officer Ms. Megan McCarthy may be reached at 352-569-3134. 

Thank you for your kind cooperation as we approach this holiday season. 


Dr. Sanford D. Zelnick
Director, Sumter County Health Department


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