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COVID-19 Vaccination Update 02-09-2021

February 09, 2021

Media Contact:
Megan McCarthy

The purpose of this memo is to provide further guidance concerning the on-going vaccination efforts in Sumter County.

The Sumter County Health Department returned the GMR appointment list back to GMR. For the time period that the Sumter County Health Department had the list, we vaccinated 1,066 persons. Concerning this list, GMR will now pick up where we left off, making appointments and providing vaccinations in chronological order of receipt for sign-up. GMR will begin providing second doses today for the people they originally vaccinated and will also begin to vaccinate people from their appointment list who require first doses.

The Sumter County Health Department also provided a total of 219 second doses to those originally vaccinated by us. Additionally, we will receive training later this week on the new State of Florida vaccination appointment system. When appointments for vaccination through the Sumter County Health Department become available, individuals signing up through this vaccination appointment system will be contacted to schedule. Individuals can sign up by phone by calling 866-201-7196 (TTY: 833-476-1457) or online at

Questions have arisen concerning people who received a first dose at some other location desiring second dose appointments either with us or with GMR. Persons who received their first dose in Florida will be directed to return to wherever they received that first dose to receive their second dose. For those who received a first dose out of state, you will need to provide documentation concerning what vaccination product you received and when you received it.

Concerning the Moderna vaccine, you can receive a second dose up to 42 days after your first dose.   It you are returning to the state where you were vaccinated within the 42-day window, you should get your second dose where you received your first dose. For persons not intending to return to the state where they received their first dose within this timeframe, you can contact the health department and we will try to arrange for you to be vaccinated either with us or at a neighboring health department.   If you received a vaccine product other than Moderna that requires a two-dose series, the same general guidance applies, although the timeframes vary.

Please understand that you can receive a first dose in Florida anywhere you choose. However, any location where you received a first dose has made a reservation for you to receive your second dose and vaccine allocations by the state for second doses are based on how many first doses a given location provided. Therefore, switching locations for receipt of your second dose creates complications from a vaccination distribution and planning standpoint and is discouraged.

In closing, please also remember the general protective measures to keep you well. Please wear a mask, socially distance, wash your hands and avoid unnecessary travel.

I may be reached at 352-569-3102 if you have questions regarding this update.


Sanford D. Zelnick D.O., M.S.


Sumter County Health Department


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